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Filming in Rakhine State, Myanmar for Tatlan Fund and UNOPS
Daniel Urrutia Carlos
Based in Barcelona, Spain



A graduate student from CECC in Barcelona and IED in Milan, I am a professional Cinematographer, Photographer & UAV operator with over 13 years of international experience producing, scripting, filming and directing a wide range of audio-visual multimedia projects. The assignments I carried out range from short and long films, documentaries, events, sports and music videos, to high-end advocacy and advertising productions for both the private and non-profit sector, in 16 countries over four continents.


As Audio Visual Media Specialist I have directed and filmed international productions for diverse and very broad target groups, ranging from TV programs and advertisements for major corporations featured for 300+M audiences, fiction films featured in cinemas, documentaries of and for ethnic minority’s in Myanmar and promotional videos for UN agencies and NGO’s with a fundraising scope. Working as Producer, Director and Director of Photography, I am experienced in managing production teams of up to 20 professionals in a multicultural and multilingual environment. I have successfully planned and organized multimedia projects from conception to its broadcast, in a successful and timely fashion, all over the world.

As Photographer I have been able to deliver a consistent approach to a broad range of situations, be it in a hotel in Myanmar, photographing their installations, to the field, photographing a tribe deep in the Burundi mountains. In the 19+ years I have devoted to this passion, I have developed a versatile skill set that allows me to capture the soul of the moment and portray faithfully the content previously agreed with the project manager.

As an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Licensed Pilot I am used to liaising with authorities and engaging with clients about safety and the breakthrough approach towards UAV production. I currently own a 4th generation 4K portable drone, with over 100 flight hours in Denmark, Spain, Italy, Oman, Kazakhstan and Myanmar, I have gathered the expertise for a successful and breathtaking documentation of subjects from the sky.

"Daniel is an absolute joy to work with. He has an eye for detail, is brimming with ideas and is a terrific at handling pressure. Looking forward to working with u, again."


Sarvesh Raikar

Executive Creative Director - Lowe Lintas + Partners

“Daniel is not only highly creative and able to turn a concept into beautiful pictures, he is also a very pleasant person and a pleasure to work with.”


Jacquetta Hayes

Senior Communications Officer

Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT)


“Daniel is a good Cinematographer and has been a great asset to me when filming in many countries all over the world. He needed little direction from me and was great at working independently. Even during stressful times he remained calm and concentrated on the job at hand “


David Terzis Noordervliet

Executive Producer - Destination Productions


“I worked with Daniel on a number of film projects with our agency Bridge during his time in Myanmar. Daniel is a first class professional. He brings not only passion and creative ability but an extremely professional attitude to everything he works on. He has great technical understanding as well as a solid eye for a shot and he's also a very handy drone pilot.


Always happy to get stuck in, whatever the crew and whatever his role, he's a natural team man and just an all around good guy to have about. Hire him, you'll see what I mean. “


Tim Mitzman

Founder and Director - Bridge Creative Agency


“Daniel has an impressive sense of team and is a real hard worker, always with a smile and enthusiasm, full of new ideas and paths to achieve any goal. The kind of person you always want to work with.”

Josema Roig

Film & VR Director - Cinaptic & The American Film Institute

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